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rea-tronic_logo  Semiconductor and special solutions

REA-tronic® is your provider in the area of Waferhandling, Photopithography and quality assurance. REA-tronic® is specialized in the refurbishment of tools and spare parts of the manufacturer DNS Dainippon Screen in the area of lithography.

Our Shop offers a variety of spare parts for the following machines: DNS 80 / 60B, Coater, Developer or Scrubber.


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NEW: The rea-tronic_logo Waferpresenter

The advantages of the REA-tronic® Waferpresenter are the small size of the tabletop unit, the large choice of operation mode and the simple handling of the touch display.

Examples of applications of the
REA-tronic® Waferpresenter:

  • Visual inspection
  • Cassette re- sorting
  • Microscope and machine implementation

The chosen wafer are removed from the cassette and presented for further inspection in front of the cassette. From this position the wafer can be easily removed without danger of scratching. After the inspection the operator places the wafer back on the stage and transports it back to the same slot.


It is recommended to sort the wafer in free selectable slots during the process and the steps between the process in the semiconductor and microsystem industry. The REA-tronic® Waferpresenter presents the best solutions for the following applications:
  •  No scratching during selecting
  • Easy choice of slots through selection of large touch display
  • Safe placement of the wafer in front of the cassette
  • Quicker processing through automatic choice


THE REA-tronic® Waferpresenter is very suitable for the automatic unloading of full of partly empty cassette through the Scan function. Use the stored programme to repeat the cycle. The chosen wafer are presented in front of the cassette at the stage.


The wafer is automatically unloaded and conveyed manually into a process or cleaning machine. After that the next wafer is presented. Many wafers can be removed, if a waver is detected at the stage, it will be returned to the same slot from which it was taken.


REA-tronic® Waferpresenter Broschüre
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REA-tronic® Waferpresenter Factsheet
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Refurbished DNS80B rea-tronic_logo

Refurbished dainippon screen tool DNS 80B Coat / Develop SK


REA-tronic® is the specialist for refurbished DNS track

  • Refurbishment of the Tracks according to OEM specifications
  • Various installation of machines according to customer wishes
  • Space – saving design change of the tracks
  • Service and set up of the machines through REA-tronic®

Refurbished DNS SK80BW AVPE Coater / Developer

1 Coater / 2 Developer
4 Load/Unload Ports
4 Hotplates 4 Coolplates
1 EEW Edge Exposure Unit

Refurbished DNS SD 80BW AVPE Spray Developer.

2 Developer / 4 Load/Unload Ports

Refurbished DNS SD 80 SK BW AVPE Coat / Develop

4  Load/Unload Ports /2 Developer (2 Spray Nozzles)
1 Coater (4 Resist Nozzles; IDI Pump 300 / 450)
2 Hotplates 180°C / 2 Coolplates
Model: 80SK BW-AVPE for 6”/8” (150mm/200mm) Wafer

Conversion: DNS High Speed Waferloader WL 022

Technical Data:

Type: REA-tronic® RTC WL 022
Model: Arm for (150mm/200mm) Wafer
Dimension: 700 mm x 700 mm x 600 mm
Touchscreen: 370 mm x 170 mm x 360 mm
Control-PC: 180 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm.

DNS80B Produktbroschüre
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For more destails click a buttom on the leftside to download a factsheet, or get in touch with us.


For a written request, please use our request button.


You can call us at:

+43(0) 662/ 66 10 77

Convac Fairchild Coaterrea-tronic_logo

convac Fairchild Coater Broschüre

Type: CBA 3 – 3 M 2000 Year: 09/1996
Lithographic process system with high throughput, flexible wafer flow and modular design with small footprint. Process modules with pick and place robot handling for substrates up to 150mm diameter Convac

Coater with 3 independent wafer line
2 input stations (on the right side)
1 spin unit for up to 3 resists
2 bake unit,
1 coolplate and
2 receiving stations
3 Solvent pumps and pump controller

DNS Spin Motor Repairrea-tronic_logo

We repair all Spin Motors of the brand which are built in DNS Tracks.

  • DNS 60A Coat, Developer or Scrubber
  • DNS 80A Coat, Developer or Scrubber
  • DNS 60B Coat, Developer or Scrubber
  • DNS 80B Coat, Developer or Scrubber


REA-tronic® Refurbished machine components of DNS Tracks. Nearly all components are tested after the refurbishment on the machine in similar situations to the process. We stock many spare parts which are sent as exchange units.

Artikel aus dem Refurbishment Sortiment:

  • Heat exchanger
  • Chemical Controller
  • Spin Motor Controller
  • IDI Pumpen 300 / 350 / 450

+43 662 661077


Maintenance and Repair.